The Perpetrators of Manhood Disappearances in Nigeria

Missing Manhood in Nigeria

The ruse behind manhood disappearances in Nigeria has been an age long spectacle. It's disheartening, but also not surprising - the culprits behind the recent wave of manhood fiasco in Nigeria are organized criminals!

Sadly, fake pastors and imams are also implicated in perpetuating these baseless beliefs. 
Why? You would ask right? It's simply because it serves their common agenda, filling their pockets, while manipulating vulnerable minds. They prey on people's inability to think for themselves.

Some even resort to hiring actors to stage dramatic episodes in their congregations, only to return later with fabricated testimonies. All in the pursuit of financial gains and blind loyalty.

But let's not solely blame them. The real problem lies with a government that lacks the resolve to eradicate this corrosive menace that has plagued the nation for far too long. The police, too, bear a significant responsibility.

The citizens of Nigeria, who fund these law enforcement efforts through their hard-earned tax money, have a right to know the rationale behind their investigations. How logical are these claims, and what steps are being taken to address this alarming trend?

This troubling phenomenon first emerged in the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja, and has now spread like wildfire to other states,  it's like an organized circus, including Kaduna, Enugu, Anambra, and Lagos. Triggering concerned citizens, particularly those in rural areas to rightly express their concerns.

The reports indicate a surge in cases of manhood disappearances, a sinister tactic employed by criminals to rob and extort innocent victims.

Interestingly, those accused often turn out to be the real victims, while the ones claiming their manhood vanished are the true culprits.

One account paints a vivid picture of this modus operandi:

"These criminals often operate in groups. They identify potential targets, individuals they believe they can intimidate. If you appear vulnerable, they'll approach, strike, and unload their drama on you which is planned to overwhelm you. Before you can react, the assailant will scream, alleging his manhood has vanished.

What follows is even more shocking!

His accomplices will swiftly jump out from their hiding spots, raining all sort of beating on you. Some will feign inspections, confirming the alleged disappearance. It's all premeditated, a coordinated effort. Majority of such incidents are often inspected by accomplises. They are always everywhere around the said victim to make sure rational people don't come to inspect the purported victim, all these to make sure others won't understand what's going on.

With all these drama going on, they'll snatch your belongings - phone, wallet, even your shoes. But your focus is on survival, not what they're stealing from you.

Yet, due to the superstitions beliefs that have poisoned and misguided our thoughts, many Nigerians fall for the ruse. They join in the attack on the unfortunate accused victim, at times even resorting to lynching and gruesome acts, even burning to death.

If you find yourself in such kind of situation with these criminals...

Walk with confidence, exude strength. Make them think twice about targeting you.

Should you become a victim, raise your voice. This is not the time for explanations.

The moment any assailant bumps into you and then accuses you of stealing their manhood, shout loudly that you're being robbed, and you're aware of their scheme. This puts them on the back foot, a defensive position. Keep calling for help!

Rational individuals in the crowd will insist on not just checking if the manhood truly disappeared for them to witness but will insist on going to the police station. These guys can go as far as not eating for weeks just for their manhood to emanciate and shrink inside, but can also even take drugs for their drama to be successful. Some might even be having an infection which makes their manhood to almost shrink inside or look like it disappeared. Just for their act to be perfect, they can go the length. Make sure you are confident, shout-out for help, and shout loud, accuse them! They are thieves, and they want to rob you, some may even have plans to lynch you, because they are paid or something. This dual accusations of missing manhood and robbery, that's your ticket to proving your innocence.

Stay vigilant! Stay Loud, & Don't be a victim!

Contributed by: Sen Chijinkem Ugwuanyi

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