Meet the Turbocharged Wheelbarrow That's Breaking Speed Limits

Guinness Record Holder for Fastest Wheelbarrow

Looking for a mind-boggling feat of innovation? Well, look no further. A British mechanic has transformed the humble wheelbarrow we all know into a speed demon, shattering Guinness World Records with a staggering top speed of 84km/h.

Imagine zipping from Kaduna to Zaria in just 60 minutes - that's the game-changing potential of Dylan Phillips' motorized masterpiece. 

Dylan Phillips' manufacturer of turbocharged wheelbarrow

The Pembrokeshire-based car mechanic's brainchild was born over a few pints at a pub, and has now revolutionized the way we think about lifting in construction sites and other places where it's needed.

Riding a Turbocharged Wheelbarrow on Helmet and full kit

With this wheelbarrow that's faster than a hare, and tougher than a tank! When mass-produced, this speedster is set to make life easier and more efficient for builders and workers everywhere. 

Turbocharged Wheelbarrow

The future of wheelbarrow have being revolutionized, and it's revving up its own engine!

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